the type of solutions we provide

moving to a new accounts system

15 years of stock codes, 80% of customer accounts removed. Nice new coding structures for stocks and customers. 80% of sales invoices and statements now automatically sent by email. Amzing turn around in speed of billing customers.

restructure stock codes for easy reporting

What's in a code. Setup categories, set up code numbers that allow easy reporting on just part of a stock category. Easier to design price lists. Easier to import data from suppliers like intratsat and cost prices with no retyping of information. Use spreadsheets to import data into the accounts system.

Using ROS online to file VIES reports

The Revenue Online System can provide you with software that allows you to take your VIES data and put it in a format that allows you to create a file that you simply upload to their online portal and you're done.

manage customers with multiple branches

One national Head office account. 30 branches. One monthly statement. Sales reports by branch and areas and total for the entire country. Who is buying and who is not. Lots of information now available and quick easy reporting.

updating price lists for sales reps with onedrive

We now use the accounts system to create price lists. No more price lists constantly being updated in spreadsheets. We use the accounts system to print our price lists and automatically up datet them to the cloud where the Sales Reps iPad automatically downloaded them. No human interaction required.


Create a system to allow a third party to manage your stock in their warehouse

All stock is now help in an outsourced warehousing facility. An order comes in online.  A picking list is sent electronically to the warehouse. The customer also gets an advice note telling them their goods are on the way. The goods are picked and despatched. Client did not have to purchase a new warehouse.

dealing with stock and van reps

Many vans, but what is in them. Setup location for each van. Transfer stock to each van. Bill from van and measure how efficient the van sales rep is. Who is sales rep not selling too, and which customer is proping up a sales rep route.

sales reps get price lists without using email

We used OneDrive from Microsoft, but Google drive would also work. In the past new price lists were emailed to Sales reps who downloaded them and put them in a folder. Now the price lists are in a secure shared folder in the cloud, where the sales rep always has the most up to date price list available to him or her.

Collecting information for construction jobs

The problem was that the manager never came back with information like the correct site address and billing address and who to bill. The bookkeepr was always chasing the manager for the information. So we created a job sheet that matched the data the accounts system needed, gave the manager the sheets and he now was reminded of what information needed collecting. Billing is now quicker and money comes in faster.

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